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Donna Marchand

creative collaborator designer and health/fitness coach

"Design is my Passion, Personal Training is my Inspiration."
Educated at Northeastern University, and certified through the American Council on Exercise I have accumulated 20 + years of working experience in both design and health fields.
I specialize in servicing clients health, wellness and business branding needs. because a healthy individual is not only more successful at what they do but is happier with who they are. I believe anyone can gain stronger insight with a better understanding of the universal laws. I won’t get into them all here, but they encompass the way I personal train and the way I create art. When I design, I always look at things from many angles and possibilities with intuitive feeling. When I coach clients for health and fitness, I help them to tap into their thoughts and feelings about their perceptions.  I believe a persons health is dependant on what is going on the inside not just physically, but emotionally as well. So my clients learn how to Be FIT by Design personal training from the inside out.
"When life throws you a curve ball, hit it out of the park.” - unknown
My mission is to inspire and help bring out the best in peoples talents and abilities no matter what the physical challenges may be. Over ten years profesional experience personal training clients one to one, at health clubs , offices, studios and homes has been empowering.  I keep up with trends and technology, continuing education in health, design and the universal laws. So I am always creating and developing new skills to be efficient and exceed expectation. 
Be Fit By Design Pure Energy Training with the universal laws is a fusion of  25+ years providing clients with health and wellness, personal fitness training programs including body image makeovers, graphic design for business branding, advertisements, product design and specialty promotions for personal trainers, nutritionists, life coaches, educators and entrepreneurs 
Be Fit By Design is the art of personal training body, mind and spirit where you can bring your vision to life and make magic happen,  for yourself and for your clients.  Empower your business with motivational cards you can personalize.
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